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FMPUBLISHING company MarkLives and brand intelligence entity Ornico have launched a new publication called trendMark aimed at helping companies and marketers to align their brand campaigns with the latest technology changes and consumer-related trends.

TrendMark, which comes in an electronic magazine format, is a local trend resource which also covers trends in business, technology, reputation, retail and general trends in some parts of Africa.

It will be a resource for marketers and brands looking at re-evaluating their strategies to keep up with the fast-changing technology and the needs of consumers as influenced by the latest trends.

trendMark 2014TrendMark editor Mandy de Waal writes in the magazine that brands that understand that consumers are people and that people appreciate psychological visibility will thrive.

“The customer isn’t just king, he’s a fickle despot with a penchant for tantrums and voting with his feet.”

De Waal says big brands will need to earn their place in people’s hearts by embracing sustainability, authenticity, relevance and right pricing. “Tight times mean value will be scrutinised,” she says. Read the full story in Financial Mail.