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Snapbird, a journalist’s resource for scouring Twitter

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filter-tweetsA search tool used to hunt through Twitter, recommends that journalists use Snapbird to to make finding information on the micro-blogging site easy.

“How is it of use to journalists? If you’ve ever tried to track down an old tweet either in your own timeline or someone else’s, you’ll know it can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Here’s where Snapbird can make your life a lot easier. This free tool allows you to search by keyword for a particular tweet in your timeline, as well as favourites and mentions. You can also search these categories in other people’s tweets, while searching for direct messages is of course limited to your own account only.

As well as helping journalists find mentions of a particular topic by a certain person, the platform could also be used to track down an elusive tweet you spotted earlier but forgot to ‘favourite’ or email to yourself.” Read the full story at

Data Journalism – Resources

Posted on Updated on has a brilliant, speedy guide of data journalism tools and sources. Skip the first bit, which is very UK specific. About halfway down the page there’s listings on tools like:

  • Tabula, a tool for ” liberating data tables trapped inside PDF files”;
  •, which turns website information into data tables;
  • Google Charts – which is fairly useful for visualising and displaying live data on Websites;
  • and much, much more.
  • There’s also cool insights and thoughts about how to use these data journalism tools.\

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