Writing Portfolio

Jon Pienaar and Mandy de Waal are partners who write for leading local and global media. Here’s a sample of some of their work:

Business Writing:

Finweek – The Economy of Mixed Martial Arts in Africa.

Daily Maverick – Ivan Glasenberg, obscure billionaire no more.

Finweek – The Business of Pleasure.

Mail & Guardian – Nollywood and the net: A love story.

Finweek – SA’s Foodie Frenzy.

Finweek – Africa’s Expat Millions.

Feature Writing:

Daily Maverick – Goal: A world without gender. Mission: possible.

Daily Maverick – While refugees hope to return home, diamond money still flows in a river of opulence.

Daily Maverick – Eastern Cape’s Lusikisiki ‘clinic’: a health disaster waiting to happen.

Daily Maverick – The great meat fraud, SA edition.

Media Sector:

Daily Maverick – SA satirists on Pistorius and fried Onion.

Daily Maverick – Pistorius saga also puts SA journalism in the dock.


Daily Maverick – Zuma and the science of self-deception.

Mandy de Waal’s opinionista pieces at Daily Maverick.

Mandy de Waal’s writing at Mail & Guardian.


Jon Pienaar and Mandy de Waal’s photography on Flickr.

Documentaries & actuality:

Pienaar has twenty years experience in the feature film, documentary and actuality work. Please contact him if you’d like to see his show reel.

One thought on “Writing Portfolio

    Kevin Bailey said:
    December 2, 2016 at 6:38 am

    Please have a look at my profile . I have a story about Absa Bank ..Police corruption. . Crooked Attorneys. . Natonal Regulating Council .. Russian Mafia .. One person that had his whole torn apart by those who job it was to be impartial.

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