2014 sees the premier of Jo!Ma’s first music movie – #WeAreTheLaw.

The music for #WeAreTheLaw was created by emerging electro/house star Cli, while the words and vocals were done by the uber talented Lucy Tops.

Lucy Tops writes about what inspired the words for #WeAreTheLaw:

“When I first heard the track I imagined a post-apocalyptic world,” says Lucy Tops. “In this not too distant future and after the land has been spoiled, but there are these women that step up and become the law-keepers. That’s how I came about the lyrics – they sort of just happened.
>> ‘What we will bring no one can say….survival is the game we play…for too long I have tried to keep this down….this fire feeling I am dealing with and now… WE ARE THE LAW…’ <<
I mean don’t get me wrong, I love men and there are some great leaders who are men, but just imagine if women were in charge….”

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