The Unbearable Entitlement Of Being a Dictator

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“Why point a gun at one person to take one gold coin when you can point a constitution at a million people and take a million gold coins?”

Tom Eaton in The Big Read: We have known this man on

Photo: President Jacob Zuma’s “blue light brigade. (REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko) via Daily Maverick.


Read more: Blue Light Brigade: The president’s bullies assault journalist by Alex Eliseev on Daily Maverick.


“We don’t read newspapers because the journalism is so boring”

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English filmmaker, Adam Curtis.
English filmmaker, Adam Curtis.

“Newspapers might come back if they could do some good journalism. I mean the reason we don’t read newspapers these days is because the journalism is so boring.” – Adam Curtis in an interview with The New Statesman. Curtis is the producer of the BBC documentaries The Power of Nightmares and The Century of the Self.

The New Statesman on Adam Curtis: “Adam Curtis remains at the forefront of documentary filmmaking. He began in the early 80s, but his first major breakthrough came in 1992 with Pandora’s Box, a film which warned of the dangers technocratic politics and saw him pick up his first of six career BAFTAs.”

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