Who Killed Moses Tshake?

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A man trying to fight corruption and restore financial discipline in the Free State was hijacked and maimed in February 2013, and died the following May. Moses Tshake was asking questions about the province’s corrupt agricultural projects before he died. Now the investigation into his murder has stalled. Mandy de Waal and Jon Pienaar investigate why.

Drawing of Moses Tshake. Courtesy of and Meghan Judge.

“My hart is stukkend. My seun is dood vir fokol,” David Tshake says on the phone to GroundUp from Mafikeng. (My heart’s broken. My son died for fuck all.) It has been almost a year since the old man’s son, Moses Tshake, died in a Bloemfontein hospital, three months after being maimed in a hijacking on 22 February 2013.

Speaking in Afrikaans, David Tshake expresses his disappointment that the SAPS investigation into his son’s death doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. “We opened a case with the police and they just don’t find his murderers. We keep on phoning the investigating officer. But nothing happens. We just sit and we wait, and nothing happens.”

In a country where many murders go unnoticed, this homicide made it into the newspapers last year because of the work Moses Tshake did. In the grand struggle between good and evil – between those forces of government that deliver public service and those who exploit government as a resource to steal public money – Moses Tshake was one of the ‘good guys’. An auditor, Tshake was employed by the Free State provincial government to help manage financial ethics and adherence to good governance in the province.

At the time of his death, Volksblad reports, Tshake headed audits for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Free State, and was asking questions about controversial provincial government projects. Read the full story on GroundUp.