Month: March 2013

Investigative journalism – the scapegoat

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eluniverso“What do a Saudi billionaire, a Ukrainian businessman, an Icelandic Bank, the Hungarian Prime Minister and the President of Ecuador have in common? ” asks Monica Almeida, the Quito editor of daily newspaper El Universo. Her answer? Each of these people all hate and fear investigative reporters, who are the muckrakers whose job is to dig deeply into public interest issues and to expose political rot and corporate graft. “Around the world, investigative journalism is under threat from a variety of hostile forces that may seem to have different agendas yet use similar tactics and procedures. Governments – regardless of their professed ideologies – big corporations, powerful personalities and overzealous institutions are high-jacking the judiciary system and promoting a perverse regulatory framework to prop up their self-defined right to be immune from criticism and scrutiny,” the former Nieman Fellow at Harvard University writes.  Read more in this Al Jazeera opinion, in which Almeida says that investigative journalism is the scapegoat of the rich and the powerful – of those with something to hide.